Kenny Slaught On The Requirement For Deep Heritage, Small Businesses And Nonprofit Organizations In Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, popularly referred to as the American Riviera, is celebrated for its pleasant Mediterranean climate, melodramatic mountain landscapes, and stunning beaches. This beautiful city is not really known for its spirited neighborhoods or friendly citizens, according to the local real estate specialist, Kenny Slaught. The CEO of Investec considers a strong legacy, an expanding sector for small businesses, and dedicated non-profit groups play big roles in creating such communities. As early as 1925, Santa Barbara architects, seeing the natural charm of the area, passed legislation to protect the Spanish Colonial architectural style, making the city the first one in USA to consider the significance of old buildings. The County Courthouse is the most popular downtown place for visitors and is embellished with vividly colored tiles and murals that present major moments from the city’s history. A church that has been functioning for over two centuries, The Old Mission, or the “Queen of Missions,” gives a wonderful view into the formation of the New World via guided tours and a vast museum.

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